Men's Suits and Tailoring

For a suave, sophisticated and smart look, look no further than men's suits. Whether a suit is required for work, a formal event or a special occasion, it should be well-fitted and comfortable so that it looks elegant and you feel relaxed wearing it.

Brands of Men's Suits and Tailoring

Many designer brands are known for their tailoring, with brands such as Hugo Boss crafting suits from luxury materials to Paul Smith who produces quirky suits that are designed to stand out and be slightly edgy to showcase your personality. Other suit brands include the iconic Ted Baker who adopts a distinctive design and Armani for a high-quality look and feel.

For everyday affordable suits and tailoring, fashion brands such as Next and Marks and Spencer also have a vast suit choice for all occasions, fits and colour options.

Men's Suits and Tailoring Sizes

While each brand will offer a slightly different fit and size to others, it is essential to make sure you find a suit that fits well so that it looks good and feels comfortable. Men's suit jackets and blazers are typically sized by chest size in inches while trousers measure waist and inside leg length in inches. Each suit brand may fit slightly different, so it is important to check their sizing guide for an accurate fit.

Suit Styles

For a more casual appearance, a blazer and trouser set is a preferred choice, which means the trousers do not need to match the jacket. A blazer typically sports a long V line and has one of two buttons to fasten the blazer.

For a more formal occasion, a three-piece suit, which includes matching trousers, a suit jacket and waistcoat, may be more appropriate. For events such as weddings and special occasions, a three-piece suit show class and a refined sense of style whilst respecting a formal dress code.