Men's Sweatshirts

Finding Mens Sweatshirts that Feel and Look Great

Sweatshirts can fit in almost anywhere. Browse through the many listings of new and used sweaters on eBay and youll find everything from winter woollies to light, casual summer wear. With such a big range available, it helps to know how to narrow down the choice and pick the sweatshirt you want.

What materials work well for mens sweatshirts?

For keeping you warm in the winter, a classic wool weave is a great choice. Woollen mens sweatshirts are often fairly thick and tend to look good in subdued colours. They do take a long time to dry, though, and youll need to keep them safe from moth damage. Youll also find many wool blend sweatshirts; these are usually made from a mixture of wool and cotton, which allows the fabric to stretch a little more. Lightweight sweaters are often made from a mixture of cotton and polyester, which allows them to be made thinner than their woollen equivalents.

How can you pick between different colours and patterns?

Sweatshirts can come in plain colours ranging from subtle to bold. Theres also a wide range of patterned jumpers, as well as those with printed text. Here are some ideas.

  • Black: This goes with most things, although it can look sombre if youre wearing dark trousers. A crew neck often gives a very striking appearance with a black sweatshirt.
  • White: These sweaters work nicely if you have a darker skin tone; to avoid them looking too plain, consider garments with bold, bright designs or lettering in contrasting colours.
  • Bright colours: Whether red, blue, or green, bright sweatshirts make a real statement. Theyll certainly attract attention, so make sure they dont clash with your jacket or trousers.
  • Subdued colours: These will give you a slightly more relaxed appearance, especially if theyre patterned in a subdued style such as thin stripes or checks.
What neck styles are available?

Theres a big choice with mens sweatshirts. The classic V-neck works well with plain, simple styles of sweater and looks great worn over a casual collared garment like a polo shirt. The more rounded crew neck design is commonly worn over a T-shirt and is ideal for casual wear. If youre feeling the cold, consider a polo neck. Reaching up your neck and often slightly ribbed, necks in this style look very good on thick wool sweatshirts. For a streetwise, sporty look there are also hooded sweaters, and hoodies. These can be really convenient if youre wearing earbuds and want to protect them from the weather or prying eyes.