Mens Swimwear

From basic trunks, briefs to board shorts you can find a wide range of mens swimwear here on eBay in a variety of different colours, prints and designs.

Whether youre popping to the local pool, heading to the beach or prepping for some watersports, theres bound to be a style suited to your needs.

Styles of Mens Swimwear

Suitable for serious swimmers, mens brief trunks have a secure fit and offer freedom of movement. Here on eBay, you can find mens brief trunks from leading brands such as adidas and Speedo.

The most common types are swim shorts, a style that comes to the mid-thigh and usually has a netted lining for support and protection. These have a comfy elasticated waistband and usually fasten with a drawstring for a customised fit.

For a longer style, choose board shorts. As the name suggests, they are popular with surfboarding, paddle boarding and similar water sports. Unlike swim shorts, board shorts generally arent lined to give more freedom of movement while youre on the go. They are made from tougher materials to protect you and help on the board.

Quick Dry Swimwear

With advancements in fabric technology, many swim shorts are now made using quick drying materials. This ensures that swimwear stays lightweight and comfortable when youre not in the water, great for the poolside and on the beach.

Swimwear is most commonly made from polyester which is quick drying as well as durable and resistant to shrinking, an important factor with swimwear as fabrics can shrink when theyre soaked in water a lot.

If youre on the beach or using an outdoor pool, youll want to make sure that your swimwear is UV protected to shield your skin.

Youll also want to check that the material is chlorine resistant, especially if youre going to be wearing yours in a swimming pool. Polyester and PBT are chlorine resistant whereas nylon isnt.