Men's Vintage Sweatsuits & Tracksuits

Mens Vintage Sweats & Tracksuits

Grab a piece of fashion history with mens vintage sweats & tracksuits. Some things never go out of style, and a classic piece of sportswear will be an on-trend addition to your wardrobe. Usually worn for everyday wear, these vintage pieces can still be worn as sportswear.

Which decade?

The 1960sis when mens sweats and tracksuits became increasingly popular to the masses. They were worn primarily for sport, but men also started wearing them for casual purposes. This decade is a great choice if you dont want anything too garish or colourful!

In the 1970ssweats and tracksuits were becoming more of a fashion statement with brighter colours and patterns, and used for everyday wear.

The 1980s is when taking part in a sports activity really took off. They are bright bold so you need to be confident to wear styles from this decade.

In the 1990s new stretchy fabrics were invented and used in sweats and tracksuits. Often inspired by the hip-hop and rap styles of the decade, sweats and tracksuits were big and baggy.


A popular choice for mens vintage sportswear, a sweatshirt simply pulls over the head with no other fastenings.

Some hoodies pull over the head whilst others need to be zipped up. They all feature a hood with drawstrings to tighten.

A tracksuit is a two-part piece with a matching top and bottom. The bottoms mostly have an elasticated waistband, and the tops can either be sweatshirts or hoodies.


Polyester is by far the most common material for vintage sweats and tracksuits. Polyester sportswear is lightweight and soft, and wicks sweat away from the skin.

Cotton is another popular option. They are even more breathable than polyester, as cotton allows your skin to breathe and keep dry.

Mostly used in sweats and tracksuits in the 1990s, fleece is designed to keep you warm. It is quite thick, is very soft and extremely comfortable.

Jersey sportswear is soft, light and stretchy, which makes it very comfortable to wear because of its breathable qualities.