Metallic Mobile Phone Cases and Covers

Metallic Mobile Phone Cases and Covers

Metallic mobile phone cases and covers are available for an extensive range of phones, including Apple, Samsung, LG and more. These stylish phone cases add protection and practicality to your mobile device, whilst allowing your personality to shine through in the choice of colour and design.

A range of metallic phone cases and covers

Metallic mobile phone cases and covers come in three main styles - flip or wallet style cases, silicone gel covers and hard cases. Each style has its own merits and choosing one depends on your requirements and preference.

Whilst many are compatible with all models of mobile phone , some are specific to a particular type, so ensure you check for compatibility before you buy.

PU leather magnetic flip cases for mobile phones come in a wide range of metallic finishes and are available for a wide range of models. These stylish cases offer shiny metallic chic in pink, silver, gold and more.

Flip phone cases typically have space for up to 5 credit cards and bank notes and are compatible with iPhone and Android devices .

Aluminium mirror-effect phone cases offer style and protection with a chromium style high shine finish. These 2 part cases have a hard aluminium back casing and an acrylic bumper and screen protector to save your phone from scratches and scuffs.

Available in rose gold, silver, gold, and gunmetal, these slimline caseshold your phone in a snug fit, and are compatible with iPhones.

For Samsung Galaxy models, silicone Hybrid 360 cases provide shockproof durability and high shine metallic style. These 2-part cases are available in a wide range of transparent metal effects, including gold, rose gold, silver and blue, and also glitter cases in a variety of styles.

Always check a case is compatible with your specific model of smartphone before purchase.