• Armored Car (AC) BA-20 “Fight for Moscow” 1942

    Th of September 1939, the military campaign, better known in Soviet historical records as the freedom drive in western Ukraine and western Belarus, started, but in fact it was the beginning of military actions against Poland.
    EUR 133,309.40
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  • GAZ-M72 Army of DDR” + ZU-23-2 “DDR Army”

    Unofficially such a vehicle was also designated for state run hunting outfits. As per industrial production, DDR was on the 6. The constitution of DDR was announced on 7 November 1949. As per the declarations made in the constitution, the citizens of DDR had all the democratic rights and freedoms.
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  • GAZ-61-415

    The car, which was designed by V. A. Grachev, turned out to be a very good one. All other cars, which used the GAZ engines, were also left with no option, as well as T-40 tanks. The axels had conical transmission shifts and were connected to the crank through CV joints, which were in a tube and were hard joined with the crank.
    EUR 310,545.34
    From Russian Federation
  • GAZ-M415 “First parade” 1939

    GAZ-M415 “First parade”. The rare 6-cylinder model of the pickup was found with our friend Valdimir Kurdyumov from Novosibirsk, who had already arranged for all paraphernalia required for this pickup.
    EUR 161,017.97
    From Russian Federation
  • APC-40B (BTR-40B) Mission UN” 1958

    The situation started to change since the mid of 1970s: socialist states started taking a more active part in peacekeeping missions: Poland took art in UNIFIL from 1982, and USSR participated in military observer missions in Egypt, Namibia, Kuwait, Western Sahara, and Cambodia.
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  • 1945 Ford GPW Jeep. like Willys MB

    1945 Ford GPW jeep for sale. Solid state ignition fitted. looks identical to original, but improves running and no more having to adjust the points! Runs and drives lovely. All ready for the upcoming show season!
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