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Mitchell Vintage Fishing Reels

Fishing reels are devices that are attached to fishing rods to help in the casting, angling, winding and stowing action when using your fishing line. The Mitchell vintage fishing reels come in a variety of vintage models, types and sizes that are old but still work well when fishing for different types of fish.

Mitchell is a fishing company that specialise in manufacturing and selling fishing accessories, fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing bait. Many choose to buy their full fishing tackle from Mitchell, to ensure compatibility with the various accessories.

There are a number of different vintage Mitchell fishing reels that are still in working order and provide the support and control you need from a reel. They are also vintage meaning they have been used in the past but still in good condition. Vintage fishing reels are popular with experienced fishermen who have had lots of years fishing with regular equipment and want to try older and varying types of equipment. They are also very popular with collectors who enjoy collecting old but good condition fishing equipment for display purposes.


The Mitchell Vintage Fishing Reels are designed for fishing particular fish, which include salmon, freshwater, and trout fish. This is because the features that the Mitchell fishing reels have make it easier to fish these species as they have similar swimming patterns and live in comparable water conditions.


The types of fishing reels that you can choose from include fly, centrepin, baitcasting, conventional, spinning, spincast and underspin. It is important to get the right type of fishing reel so that you are able to operate all the mechanics to full optimism and enable the best fishing for you.

Fly Reel

A fly reel is a single action reel that works by stripping the line off the reel with one hand whilst casting the rod with the other hand. This reel provides smooth drag, and is popularly used to store lines and help with the weight of your fly rod when casting.


Mitchell vintage fishing reels will vary in value, condition and age. Should they have a manufacturers mark on them, this will make the fishing reel of a higher value and more collectable than other unmarked reels. It's important to note that all vintage reels will be graded based on their appearance and mechanical condition, which tend to be the main factors that determine the value of these vintage reels worldwide.