Mobile Phone and PDA Armbands

Mobile phone and PDA armbands are designed to help you carry your phone around with you, without it having to be in your pocket or in your hand.

The armband is designed to wrap around your upper arm or wrist and features a pocket style slot that your phone or PDA fits into. There will be holes for things like earphones , so you can still use your phone or PDA while it is in the armband.

Why use an armband for your mobile phone or PDA?

The most common use for this type of armband is for sports activities. If you are going for a run or working out in the gym, you're unlikely to want to have to use up one of your hands in holding your phone or PDA.

The armband facility allows you to continue with your exercise, while keeping in contact with people or listening to your favourite sounds at the same time.

Some types of mobile phone and PDA armbands

PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. These became very popular in the 1990s, before the introduction of fully functional smartphones . Nowadays, your PDA functionality is more likely to be contained within your phone. Though, of course, there are many people who prefer the capabilities of a PDA, or simply want to keep their PDA and phone separate.

Armbands for phones and PDAs will be designed to fit all sizes of upper arm or wrist. They will have an adjustable strap that allows you to fasten it securely onto your arm, avoiding the risk of the armband slipping and your phone crashing onto the ground.

Some types of armband for your phone or PDA will come with additional pockets for storing other items. These can be useful if you want to carry your house keys, locker keys, some loose change etc around with you.