Mobile Phone Screen Digitizer for iPhone 3GS

Mobile Phone Screen Digitizer for the iPhone 3GS

Having been released in 2009, the iPhone 3GS is no spring chicken. In fact, its likely youve refreshed your mobile phone handset more than a handful of times since the launch of Apples legendary device. However, if youre still using one and your screen has given up the ghost, a new mobile phone screen digitizer for iPhone 3GS may be all you need.

The screen digitizer is a fancy name for the outer touch screen glass part of your smartphone screen, with the inner part that beams the image you see known as the LCD screen. The digitizer records your swipes and presses and tells your smartphone what you want the screen to do, and like magic, your screen responds in real time, so it looks like youre in direct contact with the LCD screen.

Youre not, though, and youll notice this if you significantly damage your outer glass screen enough to warrant needing a replacement. While light scuffs, small scratches, and even the odd hairline crack will still allow you to use your screen as normal, bigger cracks and smashes to the digitizer glass will spell curtains for it, with your presses and swipes no longer registering like they used to.

Types of iPhone digitizer

There are a couple of options available when choosing a digitizer. Firstly, you can buy the digitizer on its own, and have it fitted by someone who knows what theyre doing, or secondly, you can choose a digitizer that comes with its own DIY tool kit, for self-fixing. Installing these fiddly iPhone 3GS parts is quite risky if you dont know what youre doing, so proceed with caution.

Since the iPhone 3GS was only made in black or white, the digitizers come with black or white edging that matches the casing colour, so the final decision you need to make is on the colour you need. Go for one that matches, or mix things up by pairing a black screen with a white casing or vice versa.