Mobile Phone USB Mains Chargers

How to Choose the Right USB Mains Charger

There are all sorts of USB mains chargers out there and whatever youll be charging, eBay has what you need to keep your devices topped up and ready to go. From single-device chargers that can plug straight in to the wall, to more permanent charging hubs that charge multiple devices at once, theres something out there to suit every requirement, budget, and colour preference.

Are mains USB chargers safe to use?

Yes, as long as you check that the charger will apply the correct charge for your device. Anything else can either shorten the life of your device or present a fire risk, so be sure you consider this before you buy a mains USB charger. There are a number of things you can do to make sure youre charging all your devices safely:

  • Look for the CE mark on the charger.
  • Check that the voltage and amperage of the charger is suitable for your device.
  • Always follow the manufacturers instructions.
  • Never leave anything charging unattended.
Are there chargers that can charge multiple devices at once?

Yes. Some mains USB chargers have up to three USB ports built in to the plug. If you want to charge more than three devices at a time, you can even find hub-style chargers with a box that comes with five or six USB ports - these are probably more suitable for more semi-permanent charging solutions, for example in your home office. There are even chargers that are designed to charge two or more brands of phone at once.

Should you buy a separate USB mains charger for your vape?

As a general rule, yes. Vape batteries work a little bit differently to most other batteries, so you shouldnt use your phones USB mains charger, even if your vape charges via USB. Make sure you consult the manufacturers instructions and buy a charger that provides the correct charge for your vape batteries in order to make sure that you maximise the life of your vape, and charge it safely.

Can you charge fast charge devices with regular chargers?

Yes, but they will only charge at normal speed. You can also charge regular devices with a fast charger, but again it will only charge at normal speed. To get the faster charging time, you will need both a fast charger and a fast charge-enabled device.