Mobile Phone Waterproof Cases & Covers

Waterproof Mobile Phone Cases and Covers

These days its almost essential to have a case or cover for your mobile phone. Its so easy to drop and break them, even just a cracked screen can be an inconvenience, so its better to be safe than sorry. This collection of waterproof mobile phone cases and covers is sure to have the perfect product to help you keep your mobile protected.

Waterproof is the way forward

Investing a little extra to ensure your case or cover is waterproof is an excellent idea. Whether youre heading on holiday and want a bit of extra security on the beach or around the pool, or even if you just want to protect it when out and about in the British weather, they will help to keep your phone safe and dry. One top tip though is to test them out before use to make sure they are definitely waterproof and do read any reviews that are available.

Popular phone covers

This collection is one of the most extensive youll find, with cases and covers in all sizes, colours and designs. Its easy to shop the range as you can browse by make and model to ensure that youre looking for styles that are compatible with your phone. You can find compatibility in waterproof cases for iPhone 6 , Nokia and LG, to name but a few. There is also the handy generic waterproof cover range.

Waterproof resistant cases can be a bigger investment than regular types, but its an investment thats well worth making if you want to have the best chance of keeping your phone in tip top condition.

Whilst in action

Some of the latest waterproof mobile covers are designed especially to help you transform your phone into an action camera, helping you to take quality photos even in the toughest conditions. The best ones feature touch screen membranes that help to regain all of your phones features whilst still limiting any chance of damage.

Others boast the ability to function underwater to depths of up to 6.6 feet and can even be used when surfing, swimming or snorkelling. This is perfect for people who dont want to or cant invest in an underwater camera and just want to rely on their smartphone instead. Some of these types of cases will even retain the ability to receive audio.

Finally, if youre on a budget then a good waterproof phone case option is a PVC pouch. These are simple and cheap pouches where you simply drop in your phone and seal it up. They can then be hung round your neck on a lanyard for added convenience.