Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility scooter batteries to keep you going

Mobility scooters can give you the freedom you need if you find it hard to get around. Handy for short trips to the shops, or even around your home and garden, theyre the answer to your problems if you have limited mobility. Keeping them running efficiently is important. Relying on your scooter to get from A to B means youll need to ensure its powered up and ready to go. With mobility equipment parts and accessories on eBay, you can tick that box and find the right product for you and stay powered up at all times. 

Long-life batteries

Depending on what youll be using your mobility scooter for, youll need to consider the features and functionality of the battery you buy. If youre covering rougher ground or travelling long distances, youll need a long life battery that can give you extra power. 

Its also worth bearing in mind the speed of your scooter. If youre using it on the road, it must be able to travel at 8mph. Compared to other, slower types of mobility scooters, this will require extra power. 

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are the perfect solution for your scooter. You may be using your scooter frequently and draining through new batteries each time would become inefficient, inconvenient and costly. 

By simply plugging in and recharging the battery you have, youll be back on the road in next to no time. It pays to position your scooter near a power point while at home to make charging even easier. 

Other battery types

Generally, youll be looking for a specific battery type when shopping for mobility scooter parts. Familiarise yourself with the type your make and model of scooter needs before you start looking for a replacement battery. 

In technical terms, they tend to run on either lead acid, AGM, or gel cell batteries. A quick look at your manual will tell you which type yours takes.