Monopoly Vintage Board and Traditional Games

The development of Monopoly can be traced back all the way to the beginning of the 20th century. As the product was made widely available within a few decades of its first development, Monopoly went on to achieve astounding popularity.

To this day, it is one of the best loved board games and it is enjoyed by countless people, of all ages and nationalities. For people looking for Monopoly vintage board and traditional games, there are many variations in game versions and designs to choose from.

Vintage Monopoly sets from various decades

Vintage monopoly sets are available, which were originally purchased in various decades including pre-1950 sets and those made in more recent decades. Some of the pre-1950 sets, in particular, are wonderful examples of vintage game design and artwork. There are even sets available which were made so early in Monopoly's history that they are marked as 'patent pending' or 'patent applied for'.

Different vintage sets feature distinct design variations and unique box designs. Original boards, sets and boxes can often all be found in excellent condition, making them especially desirable and collectable.

Special versions, deluxe editions and more

In addition to the wide variety of vintage Monopoly sets with regular designs are sets that feature special themes, along with deluxe edition sets and those containing innovative variations on the standard game. All kinds of Monopoly games have been released, including electronic versions, anniversary themed editions and family themed editions such as the 'Despicable Me, Minions' set.

The perfect Monopoly set can be found for anyone, whether you are looking for a vintage board game or a special edition version. Of course, there are also the contemporary, standard versions of the same traditional Monopoly game available, ideal for those who want a new style set and are not looking for a collectable or alternative version.