Motherboard Bundle

Build or Upgrade your PC with a Motherboard Bundle

Whether you are thinking of upgrading your existing PC, or building one from scratch, On eBay, you will find a wide range of parts and accessories for your project, including new and used motherboard bundles, at prices for every budget.

What is in a motherboard bundle?

Each bundle may vary slightly, but you can expect to find:

  • A motherboard: One of the most important parts of a system, it holds together, and allows communication between critical system parts, including the memory and CPU.
  • Memory: Some kits come with RAM already installed.
  • A processor: The processor acts as the computers brain, sending signals to control other parts of the computer.
  • A CPU cooler: To prevent the system from overheating.
What does motherboard form factor mean?

When purchasing a new motherboard or motherboard bundle, you may notice references to ‘form factor’. The form factor of the motherboard indicates its shape and size, the physical layout of the board, and also what sort of case and power supply are suitable. Exact specifications may vary, so always check the manufacturer website for full information. The most commonly used form factors are:

  • E-ATX: The largest form factor, used in high-end motherboards and servers.
  • ATX: The most common form factor.
  • mATX: Micro-ATX form factor, a small form factor found in some pre-built PCs and home media centres.
  • mITX: Mini-ITX, a very small form factor found in some computer systems with small dimensions.
What are the benefits of upgrading a PC with a motherboard bundle?

Upgrading with a motherboard bundle can breathe new life into an old sluggish PC, and the new motherboard can enable a further range of updates, if required, and offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Upgrade to a faster processor.
  • Enable an upgrade to more memory.
  • Support a faster graphics card.
  • Increase expansion slot potential.
What other parts are needed to build a PC from scratch?

Exact requirements may vary according to the bundle you have purchased and the type of PC you wish to build. However, if you are buying a motherboard bundle as a foundation for building a PC from scratch, other parts that may also be required are:

  • A case.
  • Graphics card.
  • Power supply.
  • Storage, either SSD or HDD.