Reliable motorcycle batteries

If you are looking for a new motorcycle battery to tinker with, add on to your bike or you are just looking for a replacement, you're in the right place. From brands like BikeMaster, Exide, Magneti Marelli, MotoBatt and Yuasa, you can find any type of battery for almost any bike. 

Lead-acid batteries

Find your choice of the standard lead-acid batteries, with a wide choice to choose from. Pick replacement AGM batteries such as the MotoBatt MBTX12U, or a valve-regulated lead-acid battery like the Yuasa YTX14-BS. With spill-proof designs and low-maintenance requirements, you can stick it in your bike and go. 

At 12V, and with advanced lead-calcium technology or a quad flex design, push off at higher speeds with greater starting power. Keep safe on the road and how a longer lifespan with your battery with vibration resistance with power balance technology, available with most modern motorbike batteries. Among your many other options, you can also choose to opt for reduced sulphation for a longer lasting battery life. 

Alternate types

Aside from lead-acid batteries, you can also get lithium-ion and gel batteries. Gel batteries are usually extremely safe and better for premium vehicles that are a drain on electricity. For example, the Exide Gel battery comes at 12 V and promises a low self-discharge rate as well as deep-discharge protection, making it less damaging to every bike, whilst offering good performance when partially discharged. Gel batteries are typically maintenance-free and need no water filling, therefore being simpler to use. 

Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, being akin to those found in electric cars and phones. Magneti Marelli and BikeMaster both offer lithium-ion batteries at 1/3 of the weight of conventional batteries whilst having a long lifespan of 2000 charge cycles. They are promised to have no leak risk as well as immense safety, being non-flammable/explosive as well as promising no pollution output. Lithium-ion batteries are ideal for racing and custom applications, so if you want to tinker, look no further.