Mountain Bike Frames

Whether you are an experienced rider looking to build your perfect bike or you are newbie entering the world of mountain biking for the first time, a variety of different frames are available here on eBay. Choose between new and used Aluminium alloy, Carbon Fibre, Titanium and Steel frames from a host of different brands.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is the lightest type of material used to construct mountain bikes and this is reflected in the weight of the frames. Carbon frames offer a stiffer and damped feel which can often lead to a quick and more involving ride.


Lightweight, low maintenance and dependable, aluminium frames are a mainstay for mountain bikers. If you are in search of a cheap and long-lasting frame which is ready for a variety of different applications, it may be worth opting for aluminium.


A recent development in the production of mountain bikes has led to the introduction of steel frames. Typically heavier than their aluminium and carbon fibre counterparts, steel frames possess a combination of give-and-go which can improve the chassis feel of the bike which provides a more relaxed and enjoyable ride.


Often viewed as one of the leading choices of frame material amongst riders, titanium frames are lightweight, strong, and can be a good option for experienced riders looking to purchase a frame which can guarantee speed, dependability and compliance.


Once the type of frame material has been decided, it is important to consider frame geometry. This will impact the weight of the bike and subsequently has the potential to increase performance. Frame geometry will ultimately be contingent on the type of suspension you want. It is wise for in-experienced riders to choose diamond frames which can accommodate rear suspension, whilst competitive riders may want to explore a variety of different types of frame geometry, in order to find one that best suits their style of riding.