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Mountain Horse Equestrian Gloves

The respected and well-known company Mountain Horse focuses on providing durable and high performance riding wear. Mountain Horse equestrian gloves are both stylish and functional. Extremely hardwearing, they give great ventilation and comfort to a rider's hands.

The benefits of equestrian gloves

Particularly useful in cold weather, Mountain Horse's high quality equestrian gloves allow the rider greater control over the horse, and provide protection for your hands from the reins. These specialist equestrian gloves provide extra grip to stop your hands slipping, allowing you to hold firmly onto the reins. Even in warm weather, especially in shows and competitions, wearing Mountain Horse equestrian gloves not only protect your hands and complete your look, but they allow your hands to breathe and prevents them from slipping.

They come in a variety of colours, which means you can find the right gloves you need for competitions as well as for leisure. They are also unisex and come in all sizes to fit children and adults.

Materials used by mountain horse

The most well known Mountain Horse equestrian gloves are made of leather, with a leather palm and a cotton crochet upper hand, which allows your hand breathability. The leather keeps your hands warm while providing durability and as they are the Mountain Horse brand , they look very smart and professional too. The glove seams are not bulky which means that they are nice and comfortable to wear. There are leather reinforcements between the fingers, which helps to counteract any wear from holding the reins.

Other gloves in the Mountain Horse equestrian range include smart riding gloves made solely out of leather, with perforations on the top of the glove to allow for ventilation. They also supply fleece-lined riding gloves with elasticated cuffs, which help protect your hands from the wind and rain, keeping them warm and dry. These have silicon grips on the palm and are perfect for those winter rides.

These gloves are perfect for wearing alongside a Mountain Horse equestrian shirt for maximum comfort and functionality.