N Gauge Model Railways & Trains

N Gauge Model Railways Trains

The ideal addition to your railway collection, N gauge model railway trains will bring hours of delight. Whether youve taken over your attic, shed, garage or all three with your tracks and trains, there are pieces both old and new for fans of miniature railways.

Perfect replicas

Crafted to perfectly replicate their larger counterparts, model railway trains have exceptional detailing with movable wheels and are designed to run around a track. Some pieces also have directional lighting for added authenticity.

Range of models

There are range of model trains available, including Network Rail locomotives, American Diesel locomotives, tank wagons, Eurostar sets , freightliners, baggage vans and sleeper coaches from a wide range of eras. Whether youre trying to replicate a classic age of the railroad or you have a more up to date model railway, there will be something to suit all tastes.

Available as individual pieces and as sets

Model trains are available as multiple piece sets or individual pieces, perfect if youre looking to complete your collection or you are just starting, hoping to grow your miniature railway empire.

There are a variety of tracks to choose from. Crossing point tracks are ideal if youve got more than one train on your route. There are left and right curve tracks available, so your trains can turn a corner and level crossing systems.

Finishing touches

To add the finishing touches to your tracks choose highly decorated scenery corners featuring fencing, crops and wildflowers. Trackside bungalows, houses, station staff, brick look bridges and signal boxes are also available to make your models more realistic.

N scale

These models are built to N scale, a popular model railway scale that means the pieces are large enough to have many believable details, but small enough to not take up too much room. The term N gauge refers to the track dimensions and is 1:148 scale with 1:160, 9 millimetres or 0.354 inches, track gauge modelling.