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NEC Battery for Mobile Phones and PDAs

NEC Battery for Mobile Phones and PDAs

NEC mobile phones are powered by NEC rechargeable batteries. One NEC battery for mobile phone and PDAs can be very different from another. Some are Ni-MH while others are Lithium-ion batteries. If your NEC battery is removable then fitting a replacement will be simple. However replacing non-removable NEC batteries requires technical skills.

NEC mobile phone rechargeable batteries

Most modern NEC mobile phone and PDA batteries are lithium polymer batteries, also known as lithium-ion polymer batteries. Abbreviations for this type of battery are Li-ion, LiPo, LIP or Li-poly. Lithium-ion batteries are recharged from within the device. A lithium polymer battery is different from a cylindrical and prismatic cell battery because lithium batteries are pouches and soft to touch, which makes flexible and lightweight.

Replacement NEC battery

Lithium-ion batteries will last for between 500 and 1,500 charges. The battery will eventually stop working and need replacing. It is important to always buy the correct replacement battery so look carefully for the related product number or code.

NEC Lithium-ion cannot be overcharged as they have built in technology to prevent this. Once full charge is reached the charge rate drops to a trickle charge which protects both the battery and your mobile or smartphone .

All lithium batteries used for NEC mobile batteries can be damaged by over discharging, overheating, short circuiting or being crushed or split. When any of these happen, complete failure of the battery is possible and can result in the battery leaking or catching fire. If you take care of your NEC battery the risk of this type of damage is minimal.

Keeping your NEC mobile batteries cool and making sure they never discharge completely will help prolong the batterys life. If you have a removable battery, carrying a spare with you and swapping the batteries over when your phone charge runs low will help prevent your batteries ever completely discharging.