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NZXT Computer Cases

NZXT Computer Cases

If youre a serious gamer or PC builder, NZXT will be a go-to brand when it comes to cases and cooling equipment. NZXT computer cases come in a range of sizes to suit your exact needs. Built with the latest high-performance technology, they offer innovative ways to protect, display and cool your equipment.

In simple terms, the cases in their range come in small, medium and large sizes, they are also available in a variety of colours including red and black . But there are specific products for full and mid towers and for gamers.

Full tower case

Popular full tower cases include the NZXT Source 530, designed to fit bigger water cooling radiators. Standout design features include modular hard drive cages and a discrete SSD mount. The award-winning NZXT Phantom 820 RGB is another favourite, with a triple 200mm and a 140mm fan and integrated HUE lighting to add to its design-worthy appeal. Others include the NZXT Alpha Tower Case Black with Blue Lighting, and the NZXT H630 Matte Black Silent Ultra Full Tower Case.

Mid tower case

The brands mid tower cases include the NZXT S340 with over 20 cable management points, USB 3.0 and HD Audio. The special edition NZXT Source 340 has a Kraken cooler, filtered intakes and grommetless cable management. And the H440 has functional touches like an integrated power supply and Kraken radiators, as well as a doorless front panel to fully display your equipment.

Gaming case

Many of the mid tower and full tower cases are specifically made for gamers, so youll find a lot of crossover when you search through the three separate departments.

Cases that cover gamers include the NZXT S340 Black Midi Tower Gaming Case, the NZXT Source 530 Full ATX Tower Gaming Watercooling Case and the NZXT Source 340 Special Edition MidiTower Gaming PC Case, all with high tech cooling systems and in eye-catching designs.