Nativity Items

Nativity Items

What better way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas than by displaying a nativity scene in your home. From simple and attractive items to intricate nativity scenes, there are a variety of nativity items for you to choose.

You can find childrens nativity sets as well as sets for adults. You can even find nativity stencils to make your own Christmas cards or artwork. Whatever your preference, nativity items bring a little traditionalism to Christmas.

Nativity Figurines

Theres a variety of individual Nativity figurines available as well as full sets of Christmas figurines. If youre just looking for a simple display then perhaps three figurines would be sufficient: Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. However, if youd like to recreate the whole nativity scene, then you might like to consider a set that includes other key figures such as the three kings and even the donkey.

Nativity Accessories

For a realistic nativity scene, you might also want to think beyond just the figurines themselves. You can find stables to house your nativity scene and recreate an authentic look. Some of the stables on offer are quite simple and are made from smooth wood which might be a good choice if you prefer minimalist design.

If youre looking for something that more closely resembles the look and feel of a real stable, then you might want to choose a stable that is made to look realistic with straw inside and moss on the roof. Many of the stables come with a set of figurines, the major benefit of this being that you can complete your nativity scene with one purchase.

Choice of Materials

Whether you opt for just the nativity figurines or the whole scene there are a variety of materials to consider. You can find figurines made from wood, plastic and china. Plastic would be a good choice with children around so you wont have to worry about breakages. You can also find child-friendly scenes that are designed with bright colours and smooth shapes to help explain the Christmas message in an appealing way.