Mobile Phone Neoprene Case/Cover for Motorola

Protect your Motorola mobile or smartphone bumps, scratches and dirt with a mobile phone neoprene case or cover for Motorola. There are a variety of different designs available whether you are looking for an armband that works as a workout accessory or a handy pouch to clip to your bag or trousers.

Durable neoprene pouches keep your Motorola device secure inside. The petite size is ideal to slip in a pocket or bag while the understated design is appropriate for any occasion or accessory. These pouches are fastened with a Velcro tab and some also include an aluminium carabiner to hook your phone to a keychain or belt hook. The pouches are available in a range of colours including black, red and blue.

If you're looking to protect your phone whilst working out, these armbands are perfectly suited to the task. Both breathable and easily washed by hand, neoprene pouches are designed with a Velcro fastening and can fit tight to your arm so you needn't worry about it slipping and falling or pinching and irritating your skin. Some of the mobile phone armbands include reflective fabric accents which is particularly useful if you like to run in low light or at night as you will still be visible to passing traffic.

Beyond being useful and stylish protection for your mobile or smartphone, some armband designs feature a key pouch behind the phone case so you can keep such an important personal item securely tucked away. Other armbands feature a small pocket that is perfectly sized for storing your keys and cash when you're out and about. This pocket is fastened with a secure zip.

With a transparent plastic screen cover on the front, these armbands will protect your phone's glass screen from sweat and light rain. The functional design means that the phone screen, home button and headphone port are fully accessible if you need to check anything when you are on the go.