Enhance Your Network with a NAS Enclosure

To ensure that all the devices in your home or office network are provided with adequate hard disk drive capacity, use a NAS enclosure. Those on eBay can be purchased with different numbers of empty bays, making it easy to add HDDs and solid state drives separately. You can even use them with pre populated drives, ensuring that your small business has the flexibility you need.

Can you get a NAS enclosure with 24 bays?

Most small business can find exactly what they need on eBay, with NAS enclosures available with anywhere from a minimum of one to up to 24 bays. Businesses can add more storage space whenever they are ready, and drives are easy to add on the fly. You can add drives with mixed capacities that meet your needs, or ensure that all of them are of equal capacity. The storage available for your home or office network is provided in a highly available and highly redundant system, ensuring that your network always has the support your users require.

Is a NAS enclosure compatible with popular media streaming apps?

Each NAS enclosure on eBay is designed to work with popular media streaming apps, providing the necessary support once you download the app and sign in. The NAS enclosure will give access to the app, so you can play songs from your entire music library, while being able to save or retrieve music files from your other devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. A NAS enclosure at your home or in your office also provides you with the following benefits:

  • Several include added security features such as AES NI hardware encryption acceleration, which also provide decryption at a high speed over your network.
  • Your team can use the file management or organisation utilities to enhance productivity.
  • Your team can use the NAS to organise all of their files for easy searching and browsing, so they always know where the data they need is located and can retrieve it in minutes.
Will you have to store files on a PC with a NAS enclosure?

Once your small business has been populated with drives, the NAS enclosure you have in place will provide your team with centralised storage, which is shared among all of the people who are using your network, ensuring that you never have to store files on a personal computer.

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