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Reach High Places With a Niftylift Cherry Picker

Every construction company regularly encounters situations in which it must send workers up to build or perform repairs in some high and normally inaccessible areas, like on house roofs or on the outside of higher floors of apartment buildings. With a Niftylift cherry picker, youll be able to easily and efficiently bring workers into those troublesome areas to do what must be done. eBay has quite a few different Niftylift models available for sale, and heres what you most need to know about them.

What major features do Niftylift cherry pickers have?

There are a number of different Niftylift models that you can find listed on eBay, and there will be some differences between models in their features. It will be up to you to choose the model that most suits your particular needs. However, to give you a general idea of what a Niftylift can do, here are some of the main features of one particular model, the Niftylift 120T:

  • Platform height of up to 10.2 metres, allowing a worker to reach something that is as high as 12.2 metres off the ground
  • 1.1 metre by 0.65 metre platform size
  • Fully proportional hydraulic control system
  • Ability to support up to 200 kilograms of weight on the platform
  • Horizontal working outreach of up to 6.1 metres
  • Powering options that include mains electricity, a battery, petrol or diesel fuel, or a bi-energy engine and battery combination

To learn about the exact features of other models, like the Niftylift 90 or 120, please consult each models respective user manual.

Who might benefit most from the Niftylift?

Construction companies in particular would have a great many uses for a cherry picker, especially as their workers often need to reach high places on buildings. A cherry picker would also be a great help to workers doing repairs on electric and other utility poles, so utility companies of all kinds would have use for them. Farmers who need to conduct occasional roof repairs on the building on their property or even harvest their crops might also find them useful.

Why should you use a Niftylift to reach high places?

The primary reason to prefer a Niftylift cherry picker as a means to reach some high place rather than something else like a ladder is safety. A cherry picker contains a stable platform, even at great heights, giving you plenty of standing room as you conduct your work. The platform is also surrounded by a guard rail to prevent you from falling.

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