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Nikon Camera Tripods and Monopods

Nikon Camera Tripods and Monopods

There are some key differences between tripods and monopods, so the support you choose for your camera will depend on a number of factors, from your desired style of photography to the terrain, portability and ease of storage, to name a few.

Nikon tripods

A tripod is a frame with three telescopic legs and a mounting head that is used to stabilise or elevate a camera, flash unit or other equipment. They are predominantly made from aluminium, carbon fibre or plastic that keeps them light and portable.

They are used for motion and still photography and help to prevent camera movement, which could result in blurred photos. They are also useful for situations when low shutter speeds are being used, or when extreme focal length lenses are attached to the camera, keeping the set up balanced.

Variations to the standard camera tripod are available. These include a tripod with a mount or ball head that can tilt and rotate through 360° to allow for panning, plus smaller tripods that can be used on tables.

Nikon monopods

A monopod is a single pole that helps to support a camera, flash unit or camcorder so that less camera shake is detected. They also enable slower shutter speeds to be used with focal length lenses.

Monopods can be standard or collapsible for ease of carrying and are quick to set up. Using a monopod eliminates camera shake in the vertical axis, but when used to form a bipod it can also reduce any horizontal motion. However, it is not possible for a monopod to support a camera independently, which may limit the shutter speed that can be used.

There is a range of monopod fixing heads available. A ball head offers the most flexibility, enabling the camera to be angled and adjusted to accommodate the slope of the monopod.

Attaching a camera to a Nikon monopod

There are two ways to attach your camera to a monopod. It can be screwed into the base of the camera and is suitable for use with smaller, light lenses. When using heavier, longer lenses it is advisable to fix the monopod to the lens with a tripod mount ring which will provide better stability and balance and stop the monopod from rotating in your hand.


Ensure the tripod or monopod you choose is compatible with your specific Nikon camera, as certain fixings vary across the range.