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Nillkin Mobile Phone & PDA Cases and Covers

Nillkin Mobile Phone Case and covers

Nillkin have a variety of cases and covers suitable for different types of mobile phones regardless of the brand. There is a wide range of cases and covers from Nillkin that have been made to adapt perfectly to certain brands of mobile phone. They have been cut to precision and are a great solution to keeping your mobile or smartphone in perfect condition for longer.

Different designs and styles

One style is the Sparkle leather Case which has been designed by Nillkin specifically for one of the well known brands but can be adapted by other brands if it can fit. It can be obtained in colours black, white, red, champagne gold, ocean blue, rose gold or rose. Although quite resistant, it is thin and has a delicate texture and consists of PU lining that protects the screen . The cover is said to have a very good heat dissipation as well as being waterproof, dust proof, and wear-proof.

Another design is the Genuine Nillkin Frosted Hard Back Cover Case this can be found only in the black colour. It is made of rigid plastic hence it is very hard and it snaps on perfectly with the filament as if it was tailor made. The case has been made as an identical twin of the one plus.

Other styles include the Sparkle Series Fashion Side Flip Case of Nillkin. This can only be obtained in the colour gold. The main feature is that it is made of synthetic leather with a stylish metallic finish. The most remarkable thing about this case is the finish which gives a pearlescent aspect. A slim design altogether, however, it provides ultimum protection with precise cuts allow easy access to all controls and ports.

Also available is the Nillkin Defender Series Hybrid Rugged Tough Case, this has specifically been designed for a well known brand and is available only in red colour. The outer layer is made of polycarbonate while the inner layer of TPU which also wraps around the rear and sides. This is a rugged brand that can act as a perfect alternative to other similar in the market. It provides complete protection against shocks while giving ease of access to the touch screen.

Another example is the Nillkin Qin Fashion Flip Wallet Slim Leather Cover . Like with many other of Nillkin products, this flip wallet has been cut to precision allowing easy access to controls and buttons. It is dust proof, scratch proof, and shockproof. Among its feature, the cover has slots that can be used for placing credit cards.