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Nokia Mobile Phone Housing

Keep your phone safe and secure in Nokia mobile phone housing, which easily clip onto your phone to change its appearance and add protection.

Inspired by Nokia's heritage, their phones are built with quality and are designed to be hard-wearing. Their more simple and classic designs are a great affordable way to keep in touch without too much gadgetry.

These designs feature hard outer casing in plain colours to protect the phone and functions from any wear.

If your outer case or housing becomes damaged, then it is easy to replace the case, including the front cover, back cover and keyboard, to keep it looking like new.

When purchasing any case, cover or housing, make sure that it is the correct style for your phone model. The housing and hard covers are tailored to each phone type, which gives them a close and personal fit.

Nokia Lumia cases

Nokia's more modern designs such as the Lumia have removable back housing, providing a sturdy cover shell to protect the battery. These can be replaced if damaged, or you can choose a few different colours to change the look of your phone with your mood.

Lumia battery covers come in a range of plain colour designs so even if you selected your phone in one colour, you can switch and change the case when you feel like it. Having a plain black case is perfect for practical and professional use, whereas vibrant colours are a fun addition to your casual style.

Changeable covers

Some of Nokia's more basic and traditional inspired designs still feature replaceable housing, meaning that you can change the whole outer shell whenever you feel like it. A lot of these come in plain and simple designs for changing when any damage occurs, but some models still feature colourful casing so you can change your cover to fit with your look.