Norfolk & Norwich Terrier Collectables

Norfolk Norwich Terrier Collectables

We all love our dogs, especially ones as cute as a Norfolk or Norwich Terrier, which is why people who own these types of dogs are so keen on showing off the fact by having their Norfolk or Norwich Terrier Collectables proudly on display.

The difference between the Norfolk and Norwich Terrier is quite subtle, with the Norfolk breed having droopy ears, where the Norwich variety has ears that "prick up". So youll want to be sure you choose the right sort when picking out a collectable that matches your dog.

Collectables do make great gifts, of course, with all dog owners being proud of their furry companions. So you wont go far wrong if you choose one of these for someone you know that has a Norfolk or Norwich Terrier. Just make sure you get the right breed when you make your purchase!

Types of Norfolk or Norwich Terrier collectables

There are the classic pottery dog ornaments , shaped like the Terrier in miniature, with cute faces and lovable expressions to match those of the real thing. These are especially suitable for people who like to display ornaments around the house already, making great gifts or keepsakes.

Fridge magnets are another great way of showing love for a pet dog, with a variety of types available, including those with funny messages for people who might appreciate a bit of humour.

Pictures of Norwich or Norfolk Terriers are also a great addition to a dog owners wall, with a range of different prints available featuring the cuddly animals. Possibly best suited to an art lover or someone who appreciates nice things being on display in their home.

Mugs and placemats can also be chosen, that feature images of a Norfolk Terrier or Norwich Terrier. These are very practical for daily use and obviously would make a great gift for the Terrier lover you know.