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Nudie Jeans Men's Jeans

Nudie Jeans was founded in Gothenburg Sweden in 2001 and the brand specialises in raw and pre-washed denim jeans. The company prides itself on using 100% organic cotton denim and upon the company's social responsibility to have transparent production. Nudie Jeans men's jeans come in two different kinds of denim - raw and prewashed.

Raw jeans

These can take some time to break in and may require some patience when first bought. Although this adjustment period may seem too long for some people, after breaking in this type of denim will be more glove-like to your body, and have a more authentic fit to your actual figure.

Prewashed jeans

These have a more distressed look that comes with the jeans straight off the shelf when you buy them. This means that the denim doesn't change much or stretch but can also mean the denim is less strong and the jeans may not last as long.

After you have decided between the types of denim, shopping for jeans becomes about finding the right combination of fittings for optimum comfort and look, especially since the different styles of jeans available match better with certain style or colour tops.

It can be confusing as things like slim fit and skinny leg are two different things. You must think about numerical measurements (inseam and waist), leg cut (change in trouser leg size from top to bottom) and the fit (which refers to the seat and thigh measurements).

Different types

Men's Nudie Jeans straight jeans have a straight leg that does not flare at the ankles, they are normally the same circumference from the knees to the hem.

Bootcut jeans normally taper to the knee and then flare out slightly to fit the top of a boot.

Skinny jeans for men are tightly fitted jeans with narrow legs, sometimes known as drainpipes.

Men's Nudie Jeans tapered jeans are roomy at the top and narrower towards the ankle.