OO Gauge Model Railway Coaches

Fly around the track with OO gauge model railway coaches

As the most popular standard-gauge railway models, the OO gauge model railway coaches are found in abundance here on eBay. Choose from a huge collection of models, from different eras and brands, as well as different controls, and tailor your OO gauge model railway to your exact specifications. 

Great detail

OO gauge trains are made to 1:76.2 scale, but each coach is incredibly detailed. OO gauge coaches are also available in loads of different liveries, so you can choose your favourite colour combinations and get your set looking just the way you like it. 

If you want your models to look even more realistic, opt for the weathered versions that can be found. Some models have been specially painted to fit in with certain environments, to really get your train set looking unique. Look out for OO gauge coaches painted to look rusty and disused, or even those painted to like as though they have been sprayed with graffiti. 

Youll also find loads of OO Gauge model accessories that you can pick up to customise your train set even more. 

Top brands

In this range, youll come across OO gauge model railway coaches from all the top brands, such as Hornby, Lima and Bachmann Branchline, so you can pick and choose from a wide range of manufacturers. 

Pick up ready to run OO gauge model railway coaches that can be simply placed on an OO gauge model railway track and used, or spend a little more time creating a masterpiece by going for a railway coach build set that you can assemble yourself. 


OO Gauge model trains run in different ways, allowing you the freedom of picking your preferred method. While all early train models run on clockwork, newer models typically run with electric, live steam or battery. Some models even run on overhead lines, although this is a rarer option.