OO Gauge model railway lamps and lights for extra detail

Complete your model railway with an authentic and precisely designed OO gauge model railway lamp or light set. Browse a huge range of intricately designed miniatures, available either painted or unpainted and possessing a variety of working parts such as LED lights and fittings. Models are available to complement existing railway sets, as well as many unique and bespoke lamp and light designs. 

Model lamp lights provide the finishing touch to any model railway set or scenic miniature collection. Ranges include the full spectrum of designs, including Victorian-era lamp lights, the electric lights of 1980s electrification, and the current designs of modern high-speed rail sets. 

Lamplights are available from all of the major brands such as Hornby, Woodland Scenics, and Gauge Master as well as a variety of custom designed and unique editions. As models are designed to the OO gauge scale most miniatures will be cross-compatible between manufacturers, although some electrical fittings may be bespoke. 


As well as authentic LED lit lamplights, you can also find replacement parts, from bulbs to wiring and connectors. Most lamp lights are powered through a connector that is fitted beneath the track, and therefore do not require their own power source. Some lighting systems are powered by external batteries. 

00 Gauge

00 Gauge or 00 Scale model railway sets are the United Kingdom's most common standard gauge model railways tracks. 00 Gauge is one of several 4mm scale standards, although it is the only one commonly produced by most model railway manufacturers. Alternative gauges are available, allowing for greater scale accuracy. 

If you are looking to add superb detail to your railway set you may also be interested in purchasing miniatures from the bridges tunnels and buildings, trees and scenery as well as figures and people.