Office Floor Mats

Handy office floor mats

If youre flooring or carpet is getting worn down by office chairs rolling over it, then opting for a protective surface to prevent marking is an ideal choice. Many chair mats are made of heavy-duty vinyl or PVC materials so offer a smooth yet hardy surface to withstand a range of weights and chair types. Youll also find a variety of sizes and styles to fit under desks of different designs. 

Safety features

Chairs that are on slippery surfaces have a tendency to roll around and can cause accidents on wooden or laminate flooring types. Carpet can also be an issue as the wheels on office chairs can become stuck in the pile. A solution to this is using non-slip office floor mats under each desk. They are suitable for both home offices and larger businesses and provide a safe space to wheel the office chair back and forth easily. 

Colours to suit your office

If youre looking to match your floor mat to the colour of the carpet or floor space, there is a range of options to suit office themes. Clear or frosted office floor mats are perfect for corporate areas as they blend naturally into contemporary themes and look neutral for a professional look. There is also a variety of fabric rubber back mats that come in several colourways and suit traditional office carpets. If youre looking for a fun and vibrant style for a home office, the selection of bright colours is ideal for both adult spaces and kids room. 

Functional and style

Office floor mats are a practical office essential for both domestic and business use. They often have a shaped lip which can be inserted under a desk with ease. They are also easy to clean to keep the area looking tidy and stop flooring from getting damaged.