Office Tables

Office Tables

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, office tables are often handmade and crafted from multiple materials such as wood and metals which together help to achieve a strong, durable and long lasting finish. Tables can often be deconstructed for transportation purposes and many also have castor wheels allowing them to be wheeled easily from room to room.

Circular Office Tables

Ideal for open plan offices as well as individual meeting and conference rooms, circular office tables provide the perfect seating solution for discussion-based tasks as everyone can be easily seen from around the edge of the table. Circular tables can be small or large but all provide a stable, flat surface from which to work.

Many circular office tables are crafted from smooth beech wood which is reliable, sturdy and designed to stand the test of time. The creamy hues of beech typically complement rather than contrast with existing office interiors.

Circular office tables also tend to have metal legs which screw on and off helping them to fit through narrow doorways. Tables that divide into multiple sections are also easy to store away when not in use.

Oval Office Tables

With many of the same qualities as circular designs, oval office tables ensure that everyone can see each other from every angle. They provide a comfortable, intimate seating solution for important office-based scenarios and can seat small and large numbers of people depending on their size. While circular tables are unapologetically wide, round and are suited to large rooms, oval tables are slightly more slender and can therefore fit in narrower spaces. Rectangular tables with rounded edges also take up less room than circular styles.

Rectangular Office Tables

Small rectangular office tables are ideal for individual use, while larger tables can dominate a room and are often used for board meetings or important conferences. Tables of this kind are often a good choice for rooms that are long and narrow as their linear design helps to maximise space as much as possible. Rectangular office tables are also good for computer -based presentations as the screen can be placed at one end of the table allowing everyone to see the given material.

Wooden rectangular tables are usually supported by a strong metal frame. Many tables have castor wheels for ease of transportation and can even be tilted sideways and wheeled away when not needed. Wood can be varnished or unvarnished, high-gloss or distressed. Certain tables also come with matching chairs .