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A Buying Guide to Open Server Racks

When you manage a network or work in IT, you know how important it is for your server room or data centre to be organised so that you can access your servers and other equipment when necessary. eBay is a great place to find open server racks that can neatly and securely house your servers and other network devices. When you shop on eBay for open server racks, you can quickly and easily find what youre looking for and at an affordable price.

What is an open server rack?

Open server racks are convenient housing for your servers. Providing an economical solution to enclosed cabinets, open server racks are open frames often used for cabling, intermediate distribution points, patching frames, and other large installation purposes. They are comprised of steel and other equally strong materials with heavy mounting rails or bays that provide great structural stability. The open frame provides sufficient ventilation and unobstructed airflow and makes getting to rack-mounted servers or other network equipment quick and easy.

What is a 12U open rack server?

The "U" in 12U is in reference to a rack unit that is a unit of measurement that describes the height of a device, like a rack-mounted server that would be stored in a 19-inch or 23-inch deep rack. Each rack unit is 1.75 inches or 4.45 cm in height. One rack unit is called "1U," two units are called "2U," and on from there.

Each slot in an open rack server, which are called "bays," holds a hardware device securely with screws. In a 12U server rack, 12 servers or devices can be installed in the rack one on top of the other, economising space in your server room or data centre.

What are the advantages of open server racks?

Using the concept of less is more, many open server racks offer the following great benefits:

  • Easy installation: Mounting hardware is a lot easier with open server racks than it is with enclosed cabinets. Enclosed cabinets can make installation difficult and require the removal of panels or a struggle to make the devices fit into the slots. In an open server rack, the mounting brackets can be set up at whatever angle you desire.
  • Maintenance: Hardware is very easy to access from any side when your network devices are installed in an open server rack. Even if you need to change cables or remove a server, it can be done with minimal disruption to other devices or the overall setup.
  • Organisation: Servers in use usually have dozens of cables running between equipment units. Open server racks make it easier to organise the cables and keep them from becoming a problem.