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Give New Life to Your Mac With a Mac OS X Install Disk

The Mac operating system powers every computer released by tech giant Apple. Through the years, the Cupertino, California-based company polished its operating system to include bug fixes and new features. If you have a problematic Mac computer, purchasing a Mac OS X install disk from eBay is a big help in resolving several issues.

What are the features of the Mac operating system?

The Mac OS X operating system was introduced in 2001. It runs on laptops and desktop computers manufactured by Apple, including the MacBook line and the iMac desktops. The operating system is known for pleasing aesthetics without sacrificing user-friendliness and effectiveness. Since the early 2000s, its different versions were released with new features to make computing more powerful and efficient. These are the features that come after using a Mac OS X install disk:

  • Spotlight - This is a system-wide search function introduced by Apple on the 10.4 Tiger version of OS X.
  • Siri - Apples digital assistant was introduced in Mac OS 10.12 Sierra and offers the same functionality as Siri on an iPhone.
  • Time Machine - This is a type of software used to create backup files of your Apple computers data. It is compatible for use with Apples AirPort Time Capsule.
  • iTunes - While also available on Windows, Apples all-around entertainment software reinvented the way people consume digital media and apps.
What are the system requirements for OS X?

Identifying whats inside your Mac computer is a must to know which among the Mac OS versions can fully run on your machine. Given the numerous versions of the Apple operating system, each has its own set of requirements. As an example, the following are the requirements for installing a Mac Mojave operating system:

  • OS X 10.8 or later
  • 2 gigabytes of RAM
  • 12.5 gigabytes of free storage
  • An Apple ID to use some applications
  • A stable internet connection.
What are things to do before installing Mac OS?

Giving new life to your Mac is an easy task even if you are a newbie. It only asks you to pop the Mac OS X install disk into the optical drive of your computer. From there, all you need is to follow the instructions on the screen. However, there are things you should do before making a clean install of Mac OS Sierra without USB and other versions of this operating system. The following are some things to do to prepare your computer for a software update:

  • Save a copy of your files
  • Check system requirements
  • Free up disk space
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