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Orange Bikes

Orange produce BMX and mountain bikes. Their bikes are designed with various activities in mind with each one having slight changes in the suspension or the seating position to give you the most out of your ride.

Cross Country

Orange cross country bikes have single suspension systems. This makes it easier for the rider to make small and quick movements with a very high level of precision. They also allow you to move with incredible speed without exerting too much energy through pedalling. Full suspension bikes, on the other hand, offer you a very high level of control and stability so if you are riding down a trail with more of a descent, then a bike with a suspension level of 80 or 120mm is ideal.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have more suspension at the rear when compared to the front. The suspension helps to determine how much give the bike has when riding over rough terrain. If you plan to ride over large drops then you will want to look at an Orange bike that has a suspension level between 130mm and 170mm. The tyres also need to be incredibly robust, with guide chains and tilted heads being some of the most desirable features.

Downhill Bikes

Downhill bikes are centred around speed. They are created with a slack design and this helps to make the bike very aerodynamic. The bike is longer and it is also much lower to the ground. Downhill bikes need to have a head at around 65 degrees if you want to have the highest level of stability and control. Orange downhill bikes are known for having a 65-degree head and are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to travel at great speed without compromising the level of control they have over their bike.