Other Camera Tripods and Supports

Regardless of whether you're an amateur of professional photographer - or even a photography student - a camera tripod or support is an essential part of kit. In other camera tripods and supports, you'll find universal and generic accessories and fixtures for your camera tripod.

Items available in other camera tripods and supports

An extensive range of universal and generic accessories are available to add as adaptations to your existing camera tripod. These can make handy additions to your camera equipment, essentially acting as upgrades.

A quick release adaptor fixture can transform your tripod, making changing cameras less of a chore. These quick release plates attach to the head of your tripod, allowing quick mounting and remounting of cameras and videos.

Another useful adaptation to your existing tripod is a mini ball head with lock and hot shoe adapter, and can be used to mount your accessories onto a flash bracket. The ball head can be adjusted to any position, and fits onto a standard accessory shoe.

Mini tripods make an excellent addition to your photography kit, making for steady, shake free photos and minimizing blur on that all important shot. Legs can extend between 9.8cm and 15.8cm. These lightweight items are available to fit all GoPro cameras and are available at competitive prices at the bottom end of the price spectrum.

Not everyone has a digital camera these days, and if you love taking professional quality photographs on an iPhone or android, then a Joby GripTight GorillaPod stand is a durable, versatile tripod to suit amateur photographers and art/photography students.

The adjustable, rubber coated grip fits all smartphones with or without case, offering a safe, secure fitment for your device during photo sessions. The multidirectional leg joints offer ultra-flexibility, bending and rotating 360 degrees, allowing you to capture action shots, beauty shots, and sitting comfortable on all terrains.