Other Fine Necklaces & Pendants

Other Fine Necklaces and Pendants

Other fine necklaces and pendants are available in a variety of styles and designs to complement any fashionable outfit for a range of different occasions.

Different types of fine necklaces and pendants

Modern fine necklaces and pendants are available in a selection of styles and typically feature decorative detail and/or embellishments that create a unique jewellery piece. Stylish Tiffany & Co heart tag toggle necklaces boast an elegant arrangement of multiple chains with decorative motif tags.

Unusual fine necklaces and pendants are perfect for adding interest to any jewellery collection. Individual Murano glass heart shaped pendants are often encased in sterling silver.

Gemstone fine necklaces and pendants often combine 18K yellow gold with distinctive turquoise and are available in exotic designs.

Designer fine necklaces and pendants include elegant Lalique crystal heart designs. The large coloured crystal heart pendant is suspended from a matching colour rope cord and features sterling silver fittings.

Other fine necklaces and pendants that are available range from traditional cross and solitaire pendants, to engraved heart lockets and stylish enamelled pieces.

Different length styles of fine necklaces

Fine necklaces and pendants that are less than 13" in length are considered to be Choker necklaces .

Collar style other fine necklaces and pendants traditionally measure between 16-17.99" in length. This necklace rests on the collarbone, offering an elegant yet understated style.

Elegant fine necklace chains that are 18-19.99" in length are commonly known as Princess style.

The sophisticated Matinee style of fine necklaces and pendants are classically 20-21.99" in length.

Different necklace chain styles

Curb chains are a popular style for fine necklaces and pendants. The chain has interlocking round or oval identical links.

Belcher fine necklaces and pendants feature oval interlocking links that are alternately arranged at 180 degrees.

Trace chain fine necklaces and pendants have fine oval links of uniform breadth and thickness. This is a popular elegant chain for many styles of modern and vintage jewellery pieces.

Fine necklaces and pendants that have a wheat chain boast a distinctive appearance. The twisted oval links are woven together to form a decorative necklace.

Slender snake style fine necklaces have a flexible shape that is made from individual rings that are closely fitted together. Sterling silver snake chains have a narrow tubular appearance and are perfect for displaying a pendant.

Woven rope cord is a fashionable alternative option for fine necklaces and pendants.