Other Fine Rings

Other Fine Rings

Aside from luxury jewellery, search other fine rings for great quality and stunning style. Designer and popular jewellers make more affordable fine rings that can add versatility to any jewellery collection.

Fine metals in rings

Rings made from fine metals are ideal for everyday wear as they are long-wearing and wont irritate the skin. Fine metals include the purest platinum and palladium, which are hard and resistant to tarnishing.

Gold is always a timeless classic and comes in yellow, white and rose. Higher carat gold is more valuable but is also softer and more malleable so is not suitable for stone setting - if youre looking for stone set rings , look for 9 to 18 carat gold.

Sterling silver is still one of the most popular precious metals because of its bright and shiny appearance and the lower price point. Because sterling silver is cheaper to come by, it is frequently used for designer jewellery that can be picked up and worn depending on mood.

Branded fine rings

Unbranded jewellery is always the cheapest and most easy to come by. Because of this, it is easy to keep any ring collection fresh and versatile, meaning that jewellery can be swapped and changed every day for different looks.

From simple styles to fashionable rings and colourful gems, it is easy to pick up sterling silver rings for just a few pounds.

Popular fine ring brands include PANDORA, Tiffany and Links of London. These brands produce fashionable and stylish rings that can be loved and cherished throughout the seasons.

These brands are more affordable than rings from luxury jewellers but carry the experience and reputation that non-branded rings dont. If youre looking for a fine ring of reliable quality, choose a well-known brand, whether youre buying new or second hand.

Each of these brands has their own code that will be stamped onto the ring, if you need to check authenticity.