Other Fishing Baits, Lures & Flies

Other Fishing Baits, Lures and Flies

All anglers use various types of lures to catch fish. Different lures work for different fish. Some anglers use natural lures, while others use artificial ones. Natural bait includes things like maggots, worms, fish or live insects such as nymphs. Artificial bait includes things like plastic bait, jelly lures and fishing flies. It also includes other fishing baits lures and flies such as spinners, spoons and plugs.

Artificial fishing baits and lures fall into three broad categories: hard bait, soft bait and flies.

Hard fishing baits and lures

Hard fishing baits and lures include spoons, spinners and plugs. Spoon lures are concave like the bowl of a spoon and work by reflecting light to attract the fish. They work well for catching large fish such as pike, salmon and trout.

Spinners have a blade that spins to create vibrations and catch the attention of the fish. Theyre popular for game fishing. Plugs, also known as poppers, are designed to imitate prey fish. Theyre often used for pollack and mackerel. Other hard fishing baits and lures include crankbaits and gliders.

Soft fishing baits and lures

Soft or jelly fishing baits and lures are usually known simply as plastic bait . Soft, flexible and rubbery, theyre designed to look like prey fish and other creatures such as frogs, worms and shrimps.

Because they can look more realistic than other fishing baits and lures and are a budget friendly type of lure, plastic fishing baits are a popular choice for many anglers in the UK. Soft plastic fishing lures are ideal for bass fishing.

Fishing flies

Fly-fishing, where anglers use an artificial fly to catch a fish, is hugely popular in the UK. Fishing flies come in many different shapes, sizes and colours and different flies suit different fish.

Fishing flies can be used to catch several different species of fish, including trout, pike, salmon and bass. Lots of anglers invest in good quality flies that can be used over and over again.