Other Horse Driving Equipment

There is a wide selection of other horse driving equipment available to ensure that both you and your horse can travel safely and comfortably on the road.

Find the right size for your needs

Horse driving equipment comes in a range of sizes to suit horses of different breeds and builds. Finding the correct size for your horse can have a huge impact on the comfort and well being of your horse when they are active.

Range of equipment

Horse reins and horse harnesses are designed to ensure that your horse and horse cart are securely fastened together and you have complete control. Reins come in different lengths and thicknesses to suit both the horse and the rider. Made from strong durable material, horse driving equipment will provide many years of use.

Horse rugs and fleeces come in many variations and provide a great way to keep your horse comfortable. Rugs and fleeces are available in different thicknesses, allowing you to keep your horse warm in cold weather. There are also waterproof rugs to ensure that your horse stays dry in wet conditions.

Specialist horse harnesses are available in a range of different sizes. Harness saddles fit on the horse like a regular riding saddle, but allow the harness to be secured into the saddle and minimise the risk of rubbing.

Riding whips and crops come in different sizes and styles to suit your requirements and are a vital piece of equipment when driving a horse.

Accessories for riding

There are many decorative accessories available to help you dress your horse. These decorative items come in a selection of eyecatching colours and designs.

Other horse driving equipment can include safety equipment such as riding helmets , reflective jackets and quick release harness clips, ensuring you are as safe as possible when out driving your horse.