Oversized Sunglasses for Women

Protect Your Eyes in Hollywood Style with Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses protect your eyes from injury and UV rays while giving you a glamorous look. eBay has a variety of shapes and frame types to pick from that also come in multiple sizes and colour choices to please even the most discerning sunglasses shoppers. Browse the selection to find the coolest shades for you.

How do you choose the right sunglasses shape?

You need to know the shape of your face before purchasing a pair of sunglasses. It is possible to get this information by outlining your face on a mirror. Aviators and wrap glasses generally look good on all face shapes. However, square glasses are ideal for rounded, oval, and inverted triangular faces. Also, round sunglasses are suitable for angular, rectangular, square, and triangular face shapes. Visit the manufacturers website for more information.

What is the right frame style to choose for your oversized sunglasses?

Your choice of frames depends on the look that you intend to achieve and how good you are at taking care of your sunglasses. Here are some of the most common frame styles.

  • Frameless: They are also called rimless and are the most delicate type. The lenses are attached to the temple, and there are no frames to encircle the glass.
  • Half Frame: These feature frames that covers half of the lens, which is usually the top part only. The rest of the lenses are left open to give the sunglasses a stylish look.
  • Full Frame: These are the most popular type. Full-frame sunglasses have plastic or metal frames that surround the lenses completely. They give the wearer a classic look and accentuate the eyes.
How can you choose the right tint for your sunglasses?

The tint in sunglasses is primarily meant to help filter light. You can have different shades, depending on the area of use. A grey tint gives you an accurate colour perception and helps cut glare. Such sunglasses are great for driving and swimming. Yellow or orange shades give excellent depth and contrast. They are good in low light situations, such as when playing snow sports, as these activities take place in foggy conditions. Amber and brown tints help cut the neutral tones and increase contrast in cloudy situations. These are good for driving or riding in cloudy environments.

What kinds of frame types are there?

You can choose sunglasses frames to suit your unique personality and preferences. Popular types include wood, tortoiseshell, buffalo horn, acetate, moulded plastic, and metal. Their durability and weight also vary. Visit the manufacturers website for specific details on oversized sunglasses.