P Shaped Bath Panel

P-shaped Bath Panel Options

In the past, there was only one choice as far as the shape of a bathtub was concerned. Now, designers offer many choices that can make bath and shower time more luxurious and that are designed to fit your needs. The P-shaped bath panel is only one of these options that provides alternatives for designers, and you can find an assortment of these P-shaped bath panel options on eBay.

What is a P-shaped bath panel?

P-shaped tubs are specially designed to eliminate any feeling of being confined while in a bathtub. They have more room at the shower end than a traditional straight tub does. The P bathtub has sophisticated styling and a curvy design that resembles the letter "P," hence being named the P-shaped tub. You typically sit at the fuller end of the tub, and place your legs and feet in the slimmer end if you sit in the bathtub. However, you also have the option of showering in the tub, in which case you stand in the open end, and the water trickles down to the narrow end to drain.

Is a P-shaped bath panel left or right handed?

There are two configurations of P-shaped bathtubs. One is left handed with the opening of the P to the left, and the other one has the P opening to the right. The type that you choose depends on your space and on the location of the tub within the room. If you have existing plumbing, this will also determine whether you choose a right- or left-handed tub. If you need a bath panel, there are several choices available, some of which include:

  • Right-handed P-shaped bath panel
  • Left-handed P-shaped bath panel
  • Universal or flexible P-shaped bath panel
What materials are available for a curved bath panel?

A curved P bath panel is available in curved glass or acrylic. The glass can lend a fancy, upscale look and is generally one of the priciest options of P-shaped bath panels. The acrylic option is less expensive, and its made of a durable plastic material that makes it resistant to shattering. Either option will make a durable and stylish choice, and the choice largely depends on your budget. Tinted and frosted options are also available in both materials of P bath panels. Since the P baths are assembled in panels, its easy to replace any panels that need to be replaced or upgraded.