PC Gaming Chairs

Stay Comfortable With PC Gaming Chairs

Are you a dedicated gamer? Then a PC gaming chair will bring your hobby to the next level. Too many hours spent in the wrong chair can lead to serious back problems. Keep yourself healthy and comfortable by browsing the eBay listings for gaming chairs.

What features to look for in your chair

There's no point in buying a dedicated chair for gaming if it's not comfortable. Before you buy, there are several things to consider. Your new chair should be a big step up from a standard office chair, and these are the things that will make the difference:

  • Size. A gaming chair for adults should be a comfortable fit. Look for one that you'll be able to adjust to suit your body, particularly if you are taller or shorter than average.
  • Armrests. Without these, you'll be in trouble. When you're gaming, you're constantly reaching for the keyboard or mouse. Armrests will allow you to do this without straining yourself. Ideally, look for adjustable armrests that you can move to fit you.
  • Lots of padding. Not just in the seat of the chair - the back and headrest should also be well-padded, to keep your spine and shoulders comfortable.
  • Support for your weight. Check to see how much weight the chair can support, to ensure that you will be able to sit comfortably and safely. An XL gaming chair may be needed if you are especially big and tall.
What's the ideal material for gaming chairs?

This depends on personal preference. Fabric chairs may be more comfortable to sit on. However, if you tend to eat and drink while you game, you might want to choose a leather surface. Leather is spill-proof and very easy to clean, which can be important.

What extra features should you look for?

If you just want a cheap gaming chair, then look for one that's padded, adjustable, and comfortable. If, however, you want a real behemoth, the sky's the limit. Look for a kick-out footrest for added comfort, or built-in speakers for added immersion in your gaming. Some gaming chairs even have a rumble function that will vibrate just like console controllers do at exciting moments.

Colour schemes for gaming chairs

Black is classic and goes with anything, but you can find hundreds of colour schemes to suit your room and gaming setup. It doesn't matter if you want electric blue, hot pink, or anything in between. Just make sure you choose an ergonomic gaming chair, and you'll be ready to go.