Cut Your Office Costs with Used Laptops

A used laptop can be a great way to stretch your budget and afford a bit more in the way of features and specifications. To get everything you need for your personal and professional activities, consider one of the many models offered on eBay.

Why should you choose a refurbished model?

A used laptop is often sold as seen; a refurbished model should operate exactly as if it was new, albeit with a little aesthetic wear and tear. Refurbished laptops will have been fully checked and all necessary parts replaced, letting you benefit from the best of both worlds a more affordable price, with the safety net of a fully tested, as if it was new machine.

What should you look out for when choosing used laptops?

Used laptops come with a range of different features and specifications. Before choosing used laptops for your office, consider the following:

  • Operating systems: Depending on your companys needs, you should consider which particular system suits you best. You can choose from Windows, Linux OS, or MacOS. Each used laptop may have a different compatibility and OS installation procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions.
  • Memory: Although additional memory can often be installed, you should still know your required lower level for plug and play functionality. Look at the software you intend to use, and make sure that the laptop meets the minimum requirements.
  • CPU: Processor speed is an indicator of performance and the more cores you have, the more simultaneous tasks can be performed. Many used laptops come with quad core as standard but, for the best combination of cost and performance, look for a model with the highest number of cores and the fastest CPU speed, for the price point you can afford.
  • Screen size: 12.5 to 14 inch screens offer a good balance between usability and portability for basic office activities. If the laptop will be used for showing videos or other marketing materials, a larger screen would be more appropriate.
  • Graphics cards: All used laptops will have a graphics card. However, if your laptop will be used for entertainment and you plan on playing games, a high spec card will be necessary for a more seamless visual display.

What about battery life?

A new battery should run for up to 8 hours, but a used battery might only hold charge for a fraction of that time. To make sure you can still work when on the go, consider buying a new battery for your used laptop.

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