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POC Cycling Sunglasses and Goggles

POC cycling sunglasses and goggles are manufactured by POC Sports, a Swedish company who have been providing protective bike gear for many years, helping to reduce the effects of any cycling accidents.

Cycling sunglasses from POC

The DO Blade range of sunglasses is dedicated for sports usage, with rubber inserts and adjustable nosepiece that keeps the frame in place during fast races and humid conditions. Best for road cycling , the lenses are tinted in order to help you spot any holes or loose gravel in the road before succumbing to an accident.

They also feature anti-fog treatment and repellent to keep dirt, muck and water off your lenses leaving you with clear vision.

You can also benefit from the same technology boasted by the DO Blade, with the DO Half Blade. This product features a frameless bottom, improving your peripheral vision and allowing you to see further underneath you and to the side. This is perfect if you are riding amongst busy traffic or if you need to keep track of fellow riders.

If you are hoping to wear your cycling sunglasses both on and off the bike, the DO Flow will more than fit the bill. These are available in a range of striking colours including Hydrogen White, Lead Blue, Bohrium Red and a combo-colour of Beryl Green and Hydrogen White.

Alternatively, take a look at the DO Low, a fantastic range of glasses that are not only attractive, but that are treated with anti scratch-proof and anti-reflective coating, which is great for cycling or simply hanging out on the beach.

POC Cycling Goggles

If your style of cycling is off road or mountain biking , then goggles would be a better buy than sunglasses. These not only protect the eyes and surrounding area, but are specially designed to provide you with a fantastic field of view, helping you with reaction times. The Cornea Flow, Retina Big Flow and Iris Flow also treated with anti-fog coating to keep your line of sight clear.