PVC Tablecloth

PVC Tablecloths

Premium PVC tablecloths are made from durable plastic and have a non-woven textile backing and a wipe clean finish.

Different types of PVC tablecloths

Round PVC tablecloths are designed to cover and protect the surface of your table from damage. The tablecloth drapes over the sides creating a clean and crisp table surface for fine dining.

PVC tablecloths cover square and rectangular tables with a neat triangle fold in the corners.

Design variations of PVC tablecloths

A popular vintage inspired choice is a polka dot PVC tablecloth . This style typically boasts a coloured background with uniform size white polka dots.

PVC tablecloths that are covered in floral sprays and clusters have an elegant shabby chic appearance. Modern styles feature larger, graphic print floral designs.

Solid plain coloured PVC tablecloths are a great choice for any kitchen or dining area. The single colour allows you to elegantly mix and match with your tableware and complements all interior colour schemes.

Ranging from whimsical prints to stylishly contemporary photographic style designs, novelty PVC tablecloths are a popular modern choice for everyday use. The novelty tablecloth gives your dining area a personalised look.

Choosing the perfect PVC tablecloth for your kitchen

A lightweight and practical PVC tablecloth is an excellent table coverage choice. The versatile tablecover keeps your table surface free from scratches and heat or liquid damage and is easy to wipe clean after use.

Choose PVC tablecloths that complement your interior style and the size and shape of table. For a bold style statement choose a colourful novelty PVC tablecloth with a photographic or graphic print design.

For versatility and coordination, opt for a solid colour tablecloth that perfectly matches your kitchen colour scheme. Plain and simple designs offer simplicity and clean lines, a perfect backdrop to complement any kitchen style and decor.