Pallet Jacks & Trucks

Heavy lifting pallet jacks and trucks

Pallet jacks and trucks can make working in a warehouse much easier. They easily slot under pallets so you can lift goods deliveries with ease and transport them quickly and efficiently. Choose from manual models and electric power trucks to kit your workspace out with exactly what you need. Discover the perfect warehouse loading and unloading equipment here on eBay. 

Pallet trucks

A two-ton hand pallet truck is a standard model thats perfect for use in any warehouse. The serious two tons of lifting power ensures that you can easily pick up and transport pallets loaded with heavy goods. A 10mm lift-per-stroke means that heavy pallets are lifted into the air with ease, with a maximum lifting height of 105mm. Robust steel wheels coated in polyurethane work as a tyre to give you traction on indoor surfaces. For something with a touch more power, choose a 2.5-ton pallet truck with a wide stance for lifting larger timber pallets

Rough terrain pallet trucks are perfect for transporting loaded pallets over bumpier terrain. Lift up to 1.5-tons with ease whilst the off-road tyres make easy work of outdoor use. The inflatable tyres let you put in the perfect amount of air to deal with smooth or rocky surfaces whilst added manoeuvrability makes for precise movements. 

A scissor lift pallet truck holds heavier pallets in the air with a stronger scissor lifting system. Hold warehouse pallets of up to 1 ton in weight 800mm in the air. A quick-lift function doubles your lifting speed so you can get to working quicker. 

Pallet jacks

If you need your pallets to be raised at height for long periods of time, a high-lift pallet jack is perfect. Keep up to 448lbs in the air, perfect for smaller pallets in smaller warehouses.