Pick up a paper shredder for the ultimate office essential

Whether you have a home office or require safe and secure paper shredding at work, there is a range of shredders to suit your needs. From small desktop equipment to large heavy duty products, youll find reliable shredders from a variety of top brands including Texet, WHSmith, Fellowes and Rexel, plus many others. 

Key features

Paper shredders have a variety of functions for home and work office environments. If you need paperwork securely destroyed, using a cross cut shredder is an ideal option. Most standard sized shredder office equipment comes with a range of features for easy use, including a draw for emptying waste paper, different speeds to cut paper faster and the ability to shred several sheets of paper at once for quick and accurate use. You can also purchase paper shredder oil to ensure it always runs smoothly. 

Types of shredder

There are several types of paper shredder that offer different cuts dependent on your personal preference. For personal and home office documents, using a standard machine is a great option and if you have private records to destroy, and using a cross cut shredder will ensure nothing is legible after it goes through the machine. 

Autofeed shredders are also available for quick use, which guide the paper through automatically so you dont have to stand around holding it. If youre looking for machines that shred more substantial items, there is a selection that cut credit cards as well as thicker card, and can handle several sheets at once to get the job completed quicker. 

Sleek design

This essential business, office and industrial product can fit into any interior theme, and the standard colours of black and silver prove popular when kitting out an office space. They can provide a compact option with smaller capacity bins or larger options if you have extensive documents to shred. 

Top Products in Paper Shredders

  • Swordfish Shredder Oil Lubrication Sachets Suitable for All Paper Shredders 12pc
  • Heavy Duty Cross Cut Shredder 7 Sheet Paper Credit Card CD Office Home A4 Sheets
  • Bonsaii 12 sheet Cross cut Paper Shredder With Destroying CDs Credit Cards CLI
  • Bonsaii 8 sheet Cross cut Paper Shredder Overload and Thermal Protection 13 Li
  • A4 Paper Electric Shredder Strip Cut Shredding Card Document Large 8 Bin
  • teXet 6 Sheet A4 Paper Strip Cut Shredder 12l Capacity Shredding Bin
  • AmazonBasics 5 6 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder with Removable Bin Black
  • AmazonBasics 10 to 12 sheet Cross cut Shredder With CD Shred
  • Fellowes Powershred 8mc 8 Sheet Paper Shredder With Safety
  • Fellowes Powershred 62mc Micro Cut Paper Shredder 46853
  • Fellowes Powershred 6c Cross Cut Paper Shredder Black
  • Fellowes Powershred 60Cs Cross Cut Shredder Black
  • Fellowes M 8C 8 Sheets Cross Cut Shredder Black
  • Rexel Auto Plus 130x Cross Cut Shredder 2102559A
  • Rexel Auto 60x Cross Cut Shredder Black 2103060
  • Rexel Auto Plus 90x Cross Cut Shredder 2103080A
  • Swordfish Shredder Oil Lubrication Bottle 240ml
  • Texet CC612N 6 Sheet A4 Cross Cut Shredder
  • Fellowes 4700401 36c Cross Cut Shredder
  • Fellowes 3505006 Shredder Shredder Oil