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Pedigree vintage dolls

Pedigree dolls were extremely popular in Australia in the late 1940s through to the 1960s. They came in a variety of styles and sizes and were made by UK company Pedigree Soft Toys Ltd. Pedigree's Sindy dolls were the biggest success story in the toy industry during the 1960s. By accurately encapsulating the mood of the new teenage culture, Sindy was first produced in Britain in 1962 to huge success. When Pedigree later hit financial trouble it sold the Sindy license to toy giant Hasbro in 1986.

Striking and fascinating to look at, a vintage doll you found on eBay is a piece of history not to be missed. Perfect for starting your own beautiful collection or to give as a gift.

1960s Pedigree Delite Transitional Girl Doll

These Pedigree Delite dolls of the 1960s were produced during the transition from hard plastic to vinyl. Dating back to the early part of the decade, these stunning little girl dolls are 11 inches high with a hard plastic head and lightweight blown vinyl limbs and body. Available with platinum, blonde, brown and black hair, as well as brown or blue eyes, you'll be able to see the authentic "Made in England" on each doll's neck.

1950s Pedigree Delite Hard Plastic Dolls

These Pedigree Delite plastic dolls are 10 inches high and come complete with stunning lashes and original blonde mohair. With superb colouring and bright blue sleep eyes, many dolls of this era carry a cute little matching handbag to go with her knitted knickers, booties and Cinderella shoes. Again each doll is marked "Made in England" for authenticity.

1940s/50s Australian Verna Vintage Doll

Australian Verna hard plastic dolls which date back to the 1940s/50s are a rare find. Eighteen inches high, they are beautiful little characters with amazing details and sweet little ringlet wigs. Many of them have fluttering eyelids which close when laid down and are elegantly dressed in long pretty dresses, cotton knickers and pretty buckle shoes typical of childrenswear at the time.